About Us

SGC Training Services

The training market is one which is highly competitive and we aim to ensure that we continue as leaders in the market by continually providing high quality training to our clients across all of our offered courses.
We offer courses across various sectors – we also ensure that we have the right trainers who have first-hand experience in the industry that they are teaching to not only teach the course syllabus…but also those insider secrets that only come through experience!
From the owner, managers, trainers and administration staff, we are all committed to providing the best quality training at a fair price for all of our clients.

Why Choose Us

We are quite unique as almost every sector we offer courses in we actively practice it throughout other divisions of the Company. As such we can assist those who need help finding placement for assessments, employment or would like to gain experience in a sector. Additionally, we have a wealth of contacts who we could direct you to for all of the above if we are not local to you. These contacts know the standards that we train to and are always happy to help.

We are also responsible for the writing of many of the courses we offer as well as those offered on a national basis. Drawing on the knowledge, passion and expertise of our team – we are able to create courses and get them approved by awarding bodies. Part of our reasoning for doing this is making courses fit-for-purpose…there is no one course fits all and so we try to make courses that enhance and allow the learner to grow.